Selling Tips

14 hot seller tips to guarantee a better selling price

  • Look at your property through the buyer's eyes. How could it be better?
  • Light is essential! If you do not have enough, look for ways to create it.
  • Space is also essential! Remember, less is more.
  • The way your property appears fro the street will greatly influence buyers
  • Clear kitchens, bathrooms and laundries of excessive stuff.
  • Keep in mind, some buyers may be allergic to cats and dogs
  • Let the buyers experience the property without the owners there.
  • A home needs to breathe. Use artificial scents of candles to add special appeal.
  • Retail specialists have proven that certain types of music can influence buyers to stay longer. Play some appropriate background music.
  • Clean your windows inside and out.
  • Make sure you get your garden and yard in shape.
  • When your home goes to market, capture the market interest by keeping your home neat, simple and practical.
  • Add a splash of colour. Flowers are great for this or a glass vase filled with oranges or lemons.
  • before starting major projects establish if time, effort and expenses will influence your end result. Perhaps ask your agent before committing to major works.